Our Winery

Our boutique winery has a hands – on approach  using wine making techniques from both new world technology and old world tradition. All wines are crafted on site, at cool optimal ambient temperatures.

where Joadja cool-climate wines are made

Inside Joadja Winery where cool-climate wines are made

Joadja aims to make wines and styles that reflect the unique “terroir” of our site and capture the fresh fruit  flavours of our grapes. The cool climate allows the grapes to develop intense flavour , freshness and balance and it is our job to harness this in the winery.

Unlike most wineries, Joadja is open to the public. Visitors are free to visit our winery at their leisure and learn from the ‘self-guided winery tour ‘ information cards that we have provided. Quite often you will find us in the middle of making or bottling wine. If you visit during vintage (typically March to May), you may find yourself in the middle of a hectic crush!

Joadja Vineyards is a family operated business.



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